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  • Bad bedtime story

    Fucked up guy he has no goals, no plans or objectives, he is dry, rotten, he doesn’t know how to enjoy himself, he is completely identified with his pain but he knows that he is not just pain, that you can’t be just pain. He goes to a town in Peru, Cajamarca. White streets, shaded […]

  • The project is life and life is the project

    On the poet’s journey Transcription of a lecture in Lisbon, Portugal on April 2023 I was invited to read my poetry but I instead I decided to talk about something else, I hope for the organizers of the event it is fine. We had already enough poetry for tonight. I call this lecture “The project […]

  • Happiness is shit

    Happy = Insane An autumnal friend of mine says that flowers smell rotten. She says that music designed to celebrate is sad. She says that the search for fulfillment ruins your life and that happiness is hell. For her, someone happy is someone who decides to stop suspecting, someone who assumes that the world is […]

  • A day without a nap is a lost day

    That’s the attitude to have: taking a nap It’s nothing new that a physiological event such as napping became a luxury. The industrial revolution has taken sleep away from mankind: we couldn’t sleep when we wanted to, but when we could. Likewise, the revolution that followed the industrial one, the digital one, not only continued […]