The Corner of the Jerks

Estimated delivery dates: Jun 12, 2024 – Jun 17, 2024

What would you do if you suddenly became jobless and homeless and you had to live like a bum in your own city? What would you do if you no longer knew where you belong? What would you do if the love of your life was married? What would you do if everything went wrong?…


Pornographic, tender, autobiographical, obscene, rebellious and satirical. Characters in search of a home in their own home town. Characters in search of an answer that does not come. A group of losers create a band to save themselves. To save themselves from what? It doesn’t matter. The important thing is to do something, to exist, to see what happens, to laugh.

Parties, drugs, music, love, sex, wasted talents and abortions. The Corner of the Jerks is a humorous and grotesque painting of the youth of Buenos Aires in the 2000s.

A book that does not give answers nor gives importance to opinions. A novel that pretends to take away the solemnity of literature. Actions, dialogs and few descriptions, it is the continuous present of a delirious story that can be read in one sitting. Guaranteed laughs.