Shots and Puppies

Estimated delivery dates: Jul 7, 2024 – Jul 12, 2024

What is Shots and Puppies? An orientation guide in dark times, a friend to be with when there is no one, a conversation with your own intimacy. It will make you grow up, believe again without fairy tales. It will push you to discover the best (and the worst:) of yourself.


Shots and puppies is a new collection of poems. New because it is electric, digital and analogical. Stories of love, fights against the world, sex, cigarettes, abortions, pregnancies, ideas, mysteries, life. That which enters through the windows of Adrian Dozetas’ notebooks and then becomes poetry and giving and opening and letting those impressions no longer belong to him.

Here we walk through a life that is also our own. In a fast and violent world, those of us who are sensitive become puppies again. This is again, as she affirms in this collection of poems, her revenge of light and tenderness.

The best of contemporary poetry, beyond all canon and norm, audacious, brutal, shocking. A return to the real.

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